About the SCNetwork

The Destination for Canadian Leaders, People and Talent Officers, Senior HR Executives, Experienced Consultants, Best-In-Class Academics, and Business Advisors

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Strategic Capability Network (SCNetwork) is the unrivalled destination for Canadian leaders, people and talent officers, senior HR executives, experienced consultants, best-in-class academics, and business advisors. As our members navigate a rapidly evolving world of work, they seek thought leadership, collaboration, and community with like-minded peers whom they can turn to for trusted counsel. SCNetwork meets our members at this intersection of people and strategy, life and work. 

Founded in 1979, we stand on a legacy of offering:

  • Exposure to top-of-the-line speakers who share leading-edge research on thought-provoking and trend-making topics
  • A welcoming and supportive culture of learning and sharing
  • Opportunities to network and build a community among peers
  • Resources and fresh thinking from our industry-leading corporate sponsors

From the start, our mission has been to bring together senior level practitioners and consultants who work in building people strategies to help organizations succeed and thrive. Our values of respect and professionalism supports diverse peer forums that provide a rich platform for small group discussions and debates in matters vital to HR and its daily practice.

There is no other organization in Canada that facilitates conversations among human resources executives and independents in the way SCNetwork does.

Join us and experience it for yourself.


  • Agile workforce
  • Change management
  • Culture and transformation
  • Digital transformation
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Employee wellbeing
  • Future of work
  • Leadership in action
  • Mental health at work
  • Strategic capability and performance of organizations and teams
  • Talent acquisition and retention


Our bylaws govern the way our organization operates. They guide board decisions and actions. They help our executive team to prevent and resolve internal conflicts. The rules our bylaws outline and protect authority levels, rights, and expectations. These bylaws are reviewed and revised by our board regularly. Find them here .