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Dues are individually based and are non transferable between different people in an organization. Free admission to our monthly and annual events.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE: $225.00 + Applicable Taxes

NOTE: This membership is for the period of January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2022. The membership is effective immediately upon the date payment is received.


This is the contact information we use to communicate with you. This information should be kept up-to-date at all times to ensure you receive important information from the SCNetwork.


I agree to allow SCNetwork to communicate with me via email (CASL). This means that we can send you emails related to membership, newsletters, upcoming event notices and announcements. If you choose NO to this communication consent then you will no longer receive these valuable service emails. We value your time and the limited digital space in your inbox so we rarely send more than 1 or 2 marketing emails a month.

NOTE: The choice you make here DOES NOT affect any accounting, registration, invoicing or receipt functionality being delivered via email.

DEMOGRAPHICS - Your professional HR experience

We collect this information to help us better understand our members and target our programming, events and forums towards the demographics of our membership. It is not mandatory to fill this out, however it greatly improves our services to you.

BILLING CONTACT - Where invoices are sent

NOTE: Changes to this section will adjust what appears on your invoices and receipts only.

If you would like invoices and accounting related communications directed to a different address or individual, please fill out the details below, otherwise you may leave it blank and your preferred contact information above will be used. Changes to the Billing Contact below basically override you preferred address above for invoicing and receipts and other accounting related functions.

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DIRECTORY LISTING - How others view your profile in the SCNetwork directory

NOTE: Changes to this section will adjust what appears in the Member Directory only. We do NOT use this information to communicate with you.

A listing in the SCNetwork directory is optional. Fill out the appropriate fields below for which you wish to be displayed to other members of the network. If a field is left blank, nothing will be displayed other than your name, if you choose to be listed in the directory.

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